Welcome to Brisbane Diagnostics

Brisbane Diagnostics is a an independant, locally owned company specialising in medical imaging services. The practice is located at 3/679 Beenleigh Road in the “Australis Specialist Centre”.

Brisbane Diagnostics opened it’s doors to the public on the 4th of January 2010 with a promise to provide “quality imaging and diagnosis”. In keeping with this promise the company has invested in state of the art equipment that will provide both fast and accurate diagnoses. The latest edition of the Philips ‘IU 22″ ultrasound machines have more penetrating power, providing more clarity of detail then ever before, whilst the Philips “Brilliance” 16 slice scanner assures quicker scan times and lower patient doses through use of advanced dose saving software.

Brisbane Diagnostics also has a strong commitment towards providing holistic patient care and understands that the key to quick recovery is to address the patient and not only the illness. Our friendly staff are here to ensure that you as well as your loved ones are looked after with the utmost care and concern.

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